Koch Teardrops


Teardrop fractals are a subset of grouped element fractals, independently discovered by myself and R. William Gosper. Teardrop fractals are derivable from cyclically symmetric fractals with a central element. This page covers those teardrop fractals derived from the Koch snowflake. Like all other teardrop fractals, these tile the plane.

Image Partial Unit Cell Min. # in Unit Cell
cis-Koch-teardrop cis-Koch-teardrop (unit cell) 18
trans-0-Koch-teardrop trans-0-Koch-teardrop (unit cell) 18
trans-60-Koch-teardrop trans-60-Koch-teardrop (unit cell) 18
trans-120-Koch-teardrop trans-120-Koch-teardrop (unit cell) 18

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Sources: The first was reverse engineered from an image presented by R. William Gosper. The remainder were found by a systematic search for teardrop derivatives of the Koch Snowflake.

data file teardrop.xil; generator gef.pl; images generated at 6x4 per screen at 1280x1024


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